PIT-POT: the new rooting system for the modem grower

  • Less water stagnation thanks to its cellular structure with consequent fewer phytosanitary problems and therefore reduced protection expenses.
  • Greater and better rooting thanks to the right balance between air and water with consequent shortening of the production time.
  • No asphyxia problems due to peat hardening, sometimes arising with other rooting systems.
  • No transplantation problems. They can be avoided thanks to the product shape which also allows a mechanic transplant since the plant is well fixed to the product at any rooting stage.
  • Lower transport costs since the rooted plant can be delivered without a container because the product does not flake and keeps the right moisture. A larger number of plants be packed without damaging them.
  • No shock following excessive watering thanks to the product composition which allows a quick and uniform watering that invigorates the plant.
  • Lower rooting costs as the product requires less rooting room than the traditional systems.
  • Elimination of all the peat mixture containing materials, such as net, vases, fabrics and other, which cannot be easily recycled after use.
  • Decomposable and therefore suitable to be employed either in open field or in a container as it neither limits nor stops the root development of the plant.
  • Flexible design to meet every single grower's specific requirements.

PIT-POT Granulat PIT-POT Granulat
PIT-POT Hobby line PIT-POT Hobby line

PIT-POT®: when you work, innovation and technology become reality!

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